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I'm a Cambridge-based community artist, creative producer, activist, graphic designer, storyteller, former politician and provocateur.


My participatory practice has been shaped by my passion for social and environmental justice through the arts.


Through exploring, sharing and celebrating creativity, culture, stories, heritage and the natural environment, my practice celebrates the wonder on our doorsteps and nurtures  imagination, community democracy, a sense of place and identity, relationships, empathy, vision and long term, positive change. Together.


Community Arts and Future Cities: A snippet of Cambridge and creative place-making, as told through my practice. Provoking thoughts about the role of culture and participatory arts and asking how these emerging stories, insights and ideas can truly inform the design, research and policies that shape our cities .

Please bear with me whilst I update my website amidst the juggle of freelance create living ... the video above gives a good overview of my work, and you can have a peruse of my (yes, still getting updated!) portfolio HERE

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