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Talkin' Bout My Generation

'This has brought people together, out of their houses, sharing stories together, reliving their collective experience, that is what this project has done. Amazing experiences shared. This is part of the important part of our lives - music brings out our memories we don't know we hold. It lifts the mood taking you to a place, with a person and recreating feelings. It also gives a sense of perspective and the passage of time so that we can see what changes have been and gone. We have been invigorated by this project.'

Engaging residents, redefining 'culture' and documenting this otherwise unrecorded history through pop-up memory cafes, touring exhibitions and on-line archive to capture teenage musical memories from the 60s, 70s and 80s in the Fens and the Brecks.

History is written by the winners, oral histories tell us the experiences behind the formal stories we are told."

During my six month commission as Project Co-ordinator for this Creative People and Places project for Market Place., I worked alongside Jess Johnston - Pop Culture Archivist – finding creative methods to gather and

share the musical history of Wisbech, March, Mildenhall and Brandon, 


I created the over-all design for the project and devised and ran the Pop-Up memory cafes - well stocked with tunes from back in the day, fashion accessories, retro sweets and Old Spice to stimulate the memories.  I worked with Shelley Lockward to train volunteers in oral history, commissioned the films, designed and curated the final touring exhibition and designed the commemorative book, whilst Jess recorded, documented and archived the findings to

Film by Dan Donovan.

I designed this book as a legacy to the project. Please click through to have a read.

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