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Jimmy's Cambridge: Homeless Voices

“Art is not about ‘passing time’ at JImmy’s... It is about remembering who we are, celebrating our beings, creating beauty together, being seen and heard and stimulating our ‘creative-cells’ to find new ways to look to our futures. It is about having fun, learning about each other, sharing experiences, valuing ourselves and others and – when life feels really hard – to keep being wonderful...”

Hilary Cox Condron

I have worked as an in-house artist at Jimmy’s homeless shelter over the past four years, working creatively to tell the story of homelessness., through weekly drop-in workshop sessions to creating exhibitions and events - from poetry readings, photography and painting to large scale collaboratively made memorials.


"Gotta say, looking back at what you did at Jimmys was amazing...  having that time to chill and be creative, forgetting reality, helped a lot. I want to say thank you. It set the foundation to where I am now."

Ex-guest of Jimmy's 

You are not alone. Drawing on their own experiences, guests wanted to pass on messages to others sleeping on the streets. Printed onto cards, made into a calendar and shared as a digital resource on social media for shop owners and residents, to put in to windows. 

Everybody has a different story to tell. And no body should be sleeping on our streets.

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